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Last century the separations and combinations nations and combinations nations of the certain territory caused many various economic organizations has been established one after another. European Union can be seen as one of the most successful regional integration case. But into the 21st century. Asian economy has been upgraded as much importance than before did, due to its high-growth manufacturing ability and the great role in economic integration to the whole world after Asia financial crisis in 1997 . TPG MOTORS & DRIVES was established in USA, and the production is based in Taiwan. In 1998 we already established our first  branch in Bangkok, Thailand before Asian market wins much attention now. We start to extend our business throughout Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Singapore, India and Vietnam can find out our branches. In order to incrasing public awareness, we participate in every international exhibition as well as publications exposure actively.
              As we know, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) shall be the goal of regional economic integration by 2015 . It aims to create and equitable, dynamic and high-competitive ASEAN economic region, in order to make sure the commodity, service and labor resource can circulate freely. At the same time via free capital movement and equitable  economic development  between ever union country to reduce poverty gap. AEC envisages ASEAN will become a single market and production base and make the regional diversification turning to business opportunities strengthening ASEAN in globe supply chain. TPG MOTORS & DRIVES concentrates on manufacturing all kinds of mchanisms, control and power device which can be applied in variety of industries. As those products are the fundamental propose of increasing economic growth, we will put great emphasis on marketing promoting and after-sales services, based on our business spirits, “Reliable Products”, “Excellent Performance”  and “Quality Promise”. 
              In order to strengthen the base for a prosperous and peaceful community of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN also hold Summits with their Dialogue Partner every year. The dialogue partnership between ASEN and allparties have contributed to the building of mutual trust and respect, good neighborliness and interdependence, and mutual benefits. They try to keep close and beneficial cooperation with existing international and regional organizations with similar aims and purposes, and explore all avenues for even closer cooperation among themselves. That cooperation can accelerate the economic growth, society improvement and culture development. TPG MOTORS & DRIVES is fortunately involved in this community. We will make consistent efforts in spreading our business and concern more about cherishing the globe and resources to create a win-win situation.
Variable speed drive
High pressure blower
Turbo blower
Spiral bevel gear box
Torque motor
AC Induction motors
DC Permanent magnet motor
DC Speed control
DC Brushes motor
Clutch and brake
Vibration motor
Universal join
Variable speed pulley
Combination Assort
European style Gear box
Brushes - Gear motor
Paddle wheel aerator ( Paddle wheel aerator )
Right angle hollow shaft gear box - hypoid gear
Worm gear speed reducer