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Book Synopsis

  We are a professional Design Production Mezzanine place And shelves knockdown. Shelving System Shelves for warehouses, factories, warehouses, distribution centers. Department wholesalers Products available about moving and storage tanks, such as plastic pallets, plastic tray trolley purpose was to explore the design. Manufacturing and installation And produced according to customer's drawings Drawing emphasis on usability. The attention to quality Stability by engineering the structure was completed and delivered in due time. In a competitive price Ensuring the quality of all parts An example is the work done to watch. The industry-leading Warehouses and distribution centers Ensures quality and service experience. And reputation in the industry for more than 10 years of insurance.


Products and Services :

  • Manufacturer of storage systems unified product Racks Manufacturer.
  • Service design calculations Production, mezzanine and knockdown
  • Shelf stock
  • Rack Factory
  • Racks in the warehouse
  • Rack Shelf Storage Pallet rack manufacturers. And other products
  • About Storage And movable plastic barrels, plastic pallets, plastic tray, put the cart.
  • Design and production of the specification order. Or follow a blueprint to draw customers.

           The Company's Products & Service Co., Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of mezzanine knock down. Class solutions for the construction industry. On the shelves of the place. And other products on the store. And moving Shelves and shelves of products, such as micro-rack, pallet rack, drive-in rack, mezzanine, filing cabinets on rails. And so on pipe racks and other products. About storage and mobility, including wheelchairs, stainless steel, steel trolley, shopping carts, forklifts, hydraulic set, plastic pallets, plastic, versatile stroller. And to design order of (by the customer), shelves, shelves, racks, shelves, equipment, racks, shelves, storage, shelving, industrial, pallet racks, shelf inventory. Warehouse Rack, Racking, Shelf, Shelves, Shelving, Selective Rack, Micro Rack, storage Racking, Heavy Rack, Racking System, Pallet Rack, Mezzanine, Material Handling, Drive-in Rack, Cantilever Rack, Flow Rack, Roller Rack, Roll. Rack, Push-back Rack, Slide Rack.