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Book Synopsis

             Sinsomboon Trading Co., Ltd is established in 1987 by Mr. Sutin  Vongsurbchart, managing director. The company wholesales international-brand electrical appliances such as LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, Victor, Hitachi, Sanyo, Daewoo in Bangkok and up-country all over Thailand. We concentrate on the good quality product and satisfactory service for customers for over 26 years.
In 1998, when the economic crisis hit Thailand, Mr. Sutin  Vongsurbchart, managing director, saw the opportunity of weakening Thai baht and with his background in wholesaling electrical appliances, had started Sirichoke Import-Export Co., Ltd supply electrical appliances to overseas countries, such as Dubai, Nepal, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia. The Company emphasizes on the ability to support customers with good quality products, competitive prices and on time services. We are concentrated on being the world-class exporter of Made-In-Thailand electrical appliances by training our employees     to have good knowledge of the products and to understand the importance of good service and customer needs.
             Moreover, we also have our own house-brand of electrical appliances named Victor. Brand Victor is established in 1998 by Mrs. Suree  Vongsurbchart to produce and sell water dispenser under the brand name “Victor”. In the beginning, we had only stainless steel body with cold water only. Later on, the factory developed hot and cold water dispenser and a plastic-body water dispensers to satisfy customer needs. Our products range from 1-faucet water dispenser, 2-faucet water dispenser, big tank water dispenser, water dispenser with refrigerator and a table-top water dispenser, suitable for conference room, counter top in houses. Our water dispenser uses R134a refrigerant, which is environmental friendly, and has a 5-year warranty on compressor for every model.Our factory has been developed continuously to create a internationally standardized production facility.
              Recently, we have expanded our factory to new location and has officially opened on 10 March 2011. The factory has ISO standard of working procedures and production procedures. The factory concentrated on producing good quality product, have QC check points on every critical procedure to make sure that Victor brand products are of good standard to compete in the international level. Moreover, we also provide after sales service to assure that customers are fully satisfied with our product. Furthermore, Victor also has many more product categories to offer you such as electric fan, including table fan, stand fan, fancy fan, industrial fan and installation fans, of more than 40 models, and induction cooker, water purifier and water heater.