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Book Synopsis

Foundation of Thai RHVAC industry

               1960s, Thailand was under early developing stage with influence from American culture. Thai people merely know expensive RHVAC products through imports and second hands. These are out of reach and would rarely see only in Hotels, Theatres and large size restaurants.   Kulthorn group of companies was established in September 1965 to import and distribute RHVAC spare parts mainly to those repair the broken imported equipments.  Soon afterward, Kulthorn started to assembly a split-type air conditioner from imported part alongside with supplied those parts to anyone who has interest in the same business.  Kulthorn prioritize in optimization use of these expensive parts and openly explained to every customer on how to use parts correctly. That includes any tips and knowhow of air-conditioning.  
               Thailand gradually has more and more air conditioner manufacturing shops and at the same time refrigerator repair shops have started to build commercial refrigerators by themselves. Kulthorn declare non-competition policy by stop air-conditioning manufacturing shop and focus to select parts with the best technology to introduce to Thai RHVAC industry. Kulthorn has received agent right granted by various famous oversea manufacturers and resulted in becoming a major supplier to Thai RHVAC market.
                In 1980, Kulthorn Kirby was established with Thai government support to be the first compressor manufacturing in Thailand.  This was a joint venture among Kulthorn, Tecumseh USA, Kirby Australia and various refrigerator manufacturers in Thailand.  Later, Kulthorn also joint with Magnetek USA to manufacture electric motors, and, with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from Japan to produce rotary compressors.   Price of “made in Thailand” refrigerators were reduced by cheaper cost in major parts.  Commercial refrigerator was no longer restricted to just big restaurants but is also available for any small food stalls. Refrigerator is not anymore considered a luxury item for riches but is now a purchasable item for every household.  Agriculture and farm products are now available fresh and last longer in fridge.  Longer life spans of perishable products lead to cheaper price of food.
                At such early stage of Thai industry, we found difficulties in searching for suitable parts use for producing compressors.  Kulthorn had to invest in major parts manufacturing by ourselves.  These include Foundry, Enameled magnet wire, Metal forging & heat treatment and Sheet metal processing. As a result of our manufacturings, later generation of compressor factories in Thailand were able to easily find important parts from us. Kulthorn is not only compressor or motor manufacturer but is now a largest compressor parts manufacturer of Thailand that supply to every brands producing in this country.  In 2004, Kulthorn and Premiere group jointly purchased Sanyo compressor Thailand operation and engender in the group total capacity of more than 10 millions compressors per year.
              Today, Thailand has become major exporter of RHVAC products to all around the world and would second only to China.  Thai RHVAC industry has changed from importing to one of the most important incomes to Thailand.  Kulthorn can proudly say that either major or minor parts, within most of those exporting products have Kulthorn’s parts inside.  Kulthorn still stay on our neutral and non-competition policy. We focus in sustainable developing together with our growing customers, people, technology and society.  

Kulthorn Company
             Formerly known as Kulthorn Engineering Part.,LTD, was established in 1965 as first company of Kulthorn group of companies.  Kulthorn co. is importer of refrigeration and air-conditioning parts from USA, Europe and Japan. We are entrusted by many globally famous brands to be their distribution agent. Kulthorn co. also supplies products of Kulthorn group in Thai domestic market.

Kulthorn International

             Established in 1980 to import and supply agriculture machineries such as Water pumps, irrigation system, Lawn mowers and engines.  The company also extends products line to industrial pumps for water supply of factory and waste water treatment.  Kulthorn International carries SAER electric pumps from Italy, Zenit waste water submersible pumps from Italy, Castel Garden lawnmowers from Italy, Little Giant chemical pumps from USA., NaanDaanJain irrigation systems from Israel and Tecumseh engines from USA.

Simac City
              Located in Eastern Bangkok near Suvarnabhumi International Airport.  Simac City was established in 1998 to extend distribution reach to retail customers outside central Bangkok. Simac City is a retail shop which carries all products supplied by Kulthorn group both from factories and imported products. 

Simon Corporation
               Establish in 1980 to distribute pneumatic, hydraulic, pressure control, automation from Germany Italy USA and England. Simon carries both general and specialist industry equipments such as Herion explosive-proof fluid control valve from Germany, Atos electro-hydraulic equipment from Italy, Ewo high volume high pressure pneumatic equipments from Germany and Norgren pneumatic automatic system from England.

Green Point Siam
              Established in 2011 as a joint project between Green Point (by Bitzer) and Kulthorn group to create a full-after-sales-service for Bitzer products in Thailand.  Green point has 3 most important strengths that make it superior to any other compressor maintenance services.   100% use genuine parts from Bitzer, Operated by staffs whom officially trained by Bitzer with correct tools provided by Bitzer, Have the test equipments that ensure repaired products to be as good as new within qualified specification of Bitzer.  Green Point Siam is located in Eastern Bangkok nearby Suvarnabhumi International Airport.