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Book Synopsis

            Distributor of Machine Polishing, Sanding disc, Polish, Abrasive, sandpaper, Cloth wheel, Spermaceti, machinery, Equipment steel, Stainless steel, All kinds of aluminum.

                Kingsbrite Co., Ltd. Is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial supplies, equipment, machines for polishing furniture - metal skin. And non metals.

  • Abrasive sand
  • Polishes (both solid and liquid).
  • Synthetic abrasive.
  • Paper, cloth, sand, sand belt.
  • Various polishing wheel
  • Polishing machine, grinding sand belt.
  • POLISH flannel, cotton, jute.
  • All devices

           It also provides consulting And advice on polishing to improve product qualit And polishing processes are most appropriate for each customer The requirements vary as well to control the cost of grinding parts per part of every customer as well.