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           JK  GREEN  PRODUCT  CO.,LTD. are company. which   Managed for more than 10 year ago.
           JK green product are manufacturer & distributor produce about Pre Filter, Medium Filter      Carbon Filter,  Activated Carbon,  Nano Filter,  Nano Carbon, 
   all kind of Filter for         air – conditioner
                                               air – conditioner of all car
                                               air    industry
            deodorizing product all nano product,  air cleaner,  face mark,  deodorant machine etc.
JK GREEN PRODUCT have more than in advance & modernize product & shitable at the right time.
Nowadays the air have most pollute & toxic especially about germs,  bacteria,  mold,  viruses,      etc. because of the circumstance & weather condition of global warming which are cause in the weather have most humidity and most unusual germs.

              So JK GREEN PRODUCT CO.,LTD. thence produce the new modern product in order to help thai people and human in the world are have use thai product by  thai people are cheap & low price in order to help human in the world are succeed in escaping from the germs bacteria  mold  viruses, pollute,  toxic, odour in the air

By use Trade mark name are Green cool.

All product have certificate & Patented

              And establish a company: Gnano Technology CO.,LTD. which are affiliate in order to distributor. all nano product can will do use with human & animal

By use trade mark name are Gnano

Gnano product list as :- 
  • Nano Filter
  • Nano Carbon
  • Face mark
  • Pillow
  • Hanker chief
  • Sole in shoes
  • Wrap cloth for food
  • Flower
  • Deodorant spray
  • Deodorize bag
  • Back rest pillow
  • Clothes for Dog  & pet
  • Waterless hand cleaner
  • Wipe to sweat cloth (Towel)
  • Sport shirt polo shirt, singlet
  • Wrap cloth for cover birdcage
  • Spray for air conditioner
  • Dog & pet repellent spray
  • Sheet for place under foot for cure wound of foot, Doctor tool, Kitchenware tool
  • Herb sheet for put into place under the pillow for relax & healthily
  • Socks (short) for men – women
  • Socks (long) for men – women
  • Student socks,  clergyman women sock,  Teenaged sock,  Adulthood sock,  Patient sock
All product we emphasize high quality & good service

              If customer have problem about, dust  grams, toxic odour etc. can consult with our company free by email about your problem & inquire with us