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       Brandex Directory has operated the business on planning and advertising production for entrepreneur so they
can achieve the target according to the publication structure of an organization in the presentation to buy industrail
products and service to consumers by suitable budget and consistent with the economic and social circumstance.
Our company provides strategy and chooses pratice guideline that can respond to the consumer market by the mixing
between advertising media and technology in order to achieve a target and long-term objective of creating the seling
amount that can grows continuously and permanently.

       The Catalogue By Brandex Directory has more than 10 years of experience on printing material and has been a
leader on developing plan of technology advertising media. The company uses various communication tools which are
modern marketing by network structure and digital strategy via Online Market. Industrial product and service in modern
marketing world and unlimited communication in order to reach target group of buyers and sellers clearly.

Advertising : Advertising pictures with 4 colors in full page or half page size
Business Brands : Product brand and/or company seal
Supplier Focus : Business name in industrial and service sector
Specification : Product details and Data Engineering
Digital Catalogue : Industrial and service product along with keyword code for the convenience in search through website
Printing material book binding : Thread sewing or adhesive binding
Printing material issue time period : The Catalogue will publish to distribute industrial factory in 34 industrial estates around the country/and sell through leading book stores in January of every year.